VirtueMart Template Providers - The Most Complete List

This list of VirtueMart templates providers is my humble attempt at helping Joomla based ecommerce owners to find what they are looking for - best VirtueMart templates. I've spent some time browsing the internet and compiling this list of VirtueMart themes providers - surprisingly enough there aren't many of them. Taking into consideration the fact that VirtueMart shopping cart is an open source application and is really-really popular among online store owners who choose to keep their site content rich by using the best CMS of all times - Joomla!; the most surprising fact is that there are very-very few free VirtueMart templates.

Ok, enough said - feel free to go through my most complete list of VirtueMart template providers to find the VirtueMart theme that fits you online ecommerce project best of all. Enjoy!

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VirtueMart Templates

VirtueMart Themes provided by Template Monster are professional designs created and polished by experienced eCommerce designers. Created with passion to provide best of the best design solutions, our VirtueMart templates aim at creating the most functional and convenient environment for the maximum e-commerce performance. Logo

Joomlartwork provides high quality VirtueMart templates and web development services such as custom template design.
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Best VirtueMart Templates

Best VirtueMart Templates is a selection of professionally and passionately designed Virtuemart Themes. If you ever thought of creating a VirtueMart powered web store, backed up by all the power and diversity of Joomla CMS, don't hesitate any more Logo

HyperTemplate's VirtueMart Themes were professionally designed to create the most functional and convenient environment for the maximum eCommerce performance.
Rocket Theme Logo is template club that has a great number of Joomla templates with integrated Virtuemart component. Logo

At Ozzu you will find all types of information and resources that a professional webmaster, designer, programmer, developer, or web artist can use in their daily activities. Ozzu also share a vast of premium quality VirtueMart templates. Logo offers the variety of VirtueMart Templates with most different designs and styles, but of course every design is oriented at Ecommerce in first turn. They've got 1 free VirtueMart template. Logo is a Cologne/Germany-based registered trademark of S&S Media Solutions OHG that posses a great amount of Joomla and it's extention Virtuemart templates. Logo

Vjtemplates is a great store of professionally developed VirtueMart templates for different types of buisness. Logo delivers a great amount of premium themes for virtuemart that are professionally designed and include lots of additional features.
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Virtuemart Templates is resourse where you can access a number of professional Joomla templates for the popular Virtuemart e-commerce shopping component for the Joomla content management system CMS. At virtuemart templates they have one simple goal to develop fresh eye-catching website designs specifically for Virtuemart. Logo is a unique marketplace service which is aimed towards brining mutual benefits to its users, both buyers and sellers. Logo

Template Magician proudly presents it's new development line and a complete e-commerce solution, The VirtueMart Templates. You have the chance to get an edge on the competitors by purchasing the VirtueMart e-commerce templates and give your business a professional look. Logo

Zeronese professional website templates will offer you the opportunity to get a professionally designed website for the fraction of the website design costs in no time! Logo

VMJunction brings you an all new VirtueMart Theme with new year 2010. Like all our earlier themes VMJ Softy also comes with many latest & new features and also comes with a stylish looking Ajax Notice Box. Logo focuses on working with Joomla Templates & Extensions as well as Virtuemart Themes.

What is VirtueMart?

VirtueMart is the superior open source shopping cart solution for the incredibly popular Joomla! Framework. VirtueMart Webshop Bundle is not an official release of the Joomla! Project.

Even though VirtueMart is a full featured shopping cart, it also is a superb image gallery for displaying art or images that are not for sale online. It is fairly easy to learn how to add and update your VirtueMart cart/gallery even if you are not a computer pro.

Both VirtueMart and Joomla are released under the GNU General Public License, which means by the end, they are free for download and use. Joomla! and VirtueMart are coded in PHP and made for easy use in a PHP/MySQL environment.

What is VirtueMart template?

Templates for Virtuemart are Joomla-based templates created especially for enabling you to run a premium shopping cart on your website. Themes For Virtuemart are professionally designed to create the most functional and convenient environment for the maximum eCommerce performance.

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Top web-designers have put hard work to create all these Templates For VirtueMart.
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